Are we going to fiter?


We believe that a phased approach is necessary to consider a wider client relationship development.


Each step is of particular importance that, completed, will make feel you in tune with the methods and the values of our agency in your accompaniment.


Our side also, we ensure that we can meet your needs.


(1) tell us about you


We receive each year more than 50 requests for support missions.

We are committed to consider each of them but unfortunately, we cannot serve all of these projects because the quantity we prefer quality.


To help us fully understand your expectations, tell us about you and your projects.

Be specific!

To do this, we invite you to fill out online and send us by mail by clicking on the tab: "client future fate.

Any account: the timing, the scope, the feasibility, budget items, and "more we will know, better it is…". »


 (2) Let's get acquainted


Once we take knowledge of your questionnaires of interest, we will take an appointment telephone in order to appreciate the details of your project.


First, it is noted that all of our exchanges (questionnaires, telephone conversations, emails etc.) is subject to a privacy policy in order to ensure our mutual interests.


(3) educational output


At this stage, we are beginning to understand that we are done for the other, we invite you to make a small piece of set path in coming your way.


• If there is a nascent project, we suggest that you find ourselves in a place in relation to the market you are exploring and that makes sense for you.

• If there is an already existing project, we want to visit you on-site to assess your positioning, facilities as well as the team.


We will then know where to place the cursor of our mission.


Every day we do our homework, we're studious!

Send us at the same time a maximum of information and documents that are relevant to your eyes.


We compile, analyze and identify strengths and areas for improvement of your project with regard to our database information about your market, competition and the most influential factors.


Our main concern is to know you, understand where you are, where you want to go to combine our collective resources to develop the best process to get there.

Let us share your questions more delicate, more pressed or even those that prevent you from sleeping at night.


Put everything on the table.

To succeed.

It is our method of working.


(4) then then?


We propose at this stage to make a 1st stage of work, reflections and recommendations.

A written report will also be transmitted.


you have 2 options: to act or let go.


We will respect your choice but be aware that we will never hide our convictions!


5) What's next?


The catering industry is complex: so much detail and constantly changing to take into consideration elements.


We help cut the steps in the development of your project into simple phases to enable you easier digestion.


You will have tons of questions, we will respond without ever forgetting to deliver our deepest convictions. If it will take to turn around, we mâcherons not our words.


If finally you decide that we are a part of the whole path, be aware that we'll take body and souls with you in your project as it was a bit our.


Now you understand how it is important that our agreement is real.


Become a future customer



Define Consulting


Being your consultant, is to be your partner.


A sort of grand ping-pong of ideas, exchange of good plans, an introduction to a network of experts, questioning, light on the trends here and elsewhere… in short a benevolent eye.


The accompaniment is a commitment, a real investment.

It has a cost.


Suffice to say, we are not the cheapest on the market.

You will find always cheaper, but this has never and will never be our philosophy.

We do not like working with customers who systematically adopt this approach.

Creator and Consultant, should pay and be paid the right price.




(1) If your project is a creation of restaurant 



* between 1 year to 6 months before the day J


  • economic feasibility study
  • construction of the business plan, incubation and concept/product positioning
  • graphic Charter, commercial sign, logo, brand identity
  • assistance looking for the location of your implementation
  • research funding (investors, banks)
  • procedures and paperwork in the company
  • layout and design
  • determination and profiles of vacancies in room, bar and kitchen
  • creating the maps kitchen and bar by our consultant chefs: sheets, sourcing suppliers, food cost
  • implementation of operational procedures
  • training procedures and maps team: hygiene, crates, services, image and corporate culture
  • training of the leader: legal, social, legal obligations, business management
  • communication and marketing: public relations, social networking, digitalization
  • D-day


* between 1 week to 6 months after the day J


  • observation period
  • corrective actions teams, cards, systems and procedures
  • coaching team / conflict management
  • Executive Coaching
  • perpetuating the map and the tool
  • optimization of systems
  • its customers


(2) If your project involves the repositioning or output


There is something wrong…

Your image is aging, your head is the trunk, your suppliers abuse… We offer an audit and recommendations

  • Repositioning of the design… a layout in the trend
  • Recruitment in catering: new team?
  • Ratios, standards, training
  • Change of concept
  • Targeted communication
  • Resale of the restaurant: what recovery?


(3) If your project development 


Professional, you want to find new ways to boost your knowledge by exploring the various possible forms of development:

  • New directions (takeaway, delivery, click & drive, lunch box…)
  • Implementation management lease
  • Development of the own or franchise brand