Depur Consulting, the Agency who observes and makes F & B trends.




Depur Consulting is an agency of incubation of concepts and projects Food & Beverage (F & B) based in Paris and London



  • Catering business: Independent, Fine Dining/Service table, Fast Casual/sale at the counter, bakery, snacks, Bars, Coffeeshops
  • Restoration of hospitality: Integrated chains, Boutique Hotels, Hostels 2.0
  • Catering: Neo-cantines of companies, Business Food Court, hybrid Cafeterias
  • Restoration Nomad: Shop in shop in supermarkets, kiosks, Corners, Outdoor Food Hall
  • Investment Fund: Recovery and help in the selection of target acquisition/disposal Strategies folders


Unlike some of our colleagues, we start never our projects “of the kitchen to go to the client”.

We even believe that the reverse is true: it’s the customer experience that guides our specifications
 “The development of drivers“, incubation of concepts pilot, recast of existing units in the development chain, variations of formats cross-selling
“RECONVERSION PROFESSIONNELLE”, support in the transition to the restoration skills
“BENCHMARKING“, our competitive intelligence and trends sector teams offer today a broad vision 360 ° of the FOOD world
‘Development UK’: our french customers in their expansion to the UK strategy
 ‘FOOD SAFARI‘, decoding in situ of new Parisian and concepts foreign to sniff out the best practices and learn from the best.
Our next appointment: The Hybrid Berlin Food Safari 2016!
Information here:
“CUSTOMER CENTRIC”, recommendations and operational support: hybridity in restoration and hospitality, customer experience, branding, scenography, merchandising, customer journey, restitution and digitization of the offer (selling away, Click & Collect, shipping), programs of loyalty, sales training
“Tante CONSULTING FOODTECH INCUBATOR”, coaching of start-ups Foodtech to help to position itself in the Food universe and to raise funds for their development with capital ventures


“At the time, I was novice, I had a concept of bar-restaurant at the top but I did not know where to start… ‘. I have finally built it but it took me more than 1 year and a half to get there.
It got very expensive, too expensive and not only financially!
I dreamed to meet my road a consulting agency to help me but my searches remained fruitless… “.

It was in 2002 that Dan CEBULA embarks on the adventure funny of location for a meeting, bar-restaurant resembling wildly new York located on the heights of Montmartre (Paris 18th).

Freshly landed in finance and despite his enthusiasm and energy, he struggles to find a goodwill, funding and a stable team. It is thus the promise that one day, it will help those who like him, know the difficulties of creating.
“Today, I created my 4th restaurant own in Paris and participated in the creation of some 50 projects F & B in France and abroad…”


Ex-trader in NYC and Paris, Dan CEBULA embarks on the restoration in 1999 opening its 1st case with his brother: WOK restaurant (Paris 11).

Then follow the adventures of funny place for encounter and DEPUR restaurant from 2002 (Paris 18 and Paris 2)

Trainer and speaker for groups of restoration and investment from 2011 funds.

Incubator and developer of projects in CHR from 2012 through the structure that he created: l’Agence DEPUR Consulting.


Our team consists of consultants, heads of cuisine, art directors, architects DPLG, designers, companies all State bodies, experts, accountants, lawyers, specialists HR…

The family Depur Consulting works as an ecosystem of partners. All from the trades of the CHR (Cafe, Hotel, Restaurant) and before all driven by the same passion: the world of the restoration.


The founder

Alexandre PANZA

The Executive producer


The saint patron of London Office


The hotel expert

Anthony KORN

The local researcher


The kitchen Designer

Guillaume DUCERF


Jean-Philippe GRABLI

The provider of coffee machines


The credits uncovers

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